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Metal Cans Awaiting Recycling!


Here at PW Confidential Business Shredding Services we can also offer recycling on a wide range of materials and we work within strict guidelines to ensure all movements of waste comply with current legislation.

Each year we generate about 100 million tonnes of waste from households, commerce and industry combined, Most of this currently ends up in landfill, where biodegradable waste generates methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.

Why Recycle?

The Government’s Waste Strategy 2000 is the framework for England for improving the management of waste and responding to the EU Landfill Directive.

In order to reduce our dependence on landfill the Waste Strategy here are 2 of the recommendations for action:

  • Greater efforts to reduce waste.
  • Substantial increase in re-use, recycling and composting.

What we can recycle!
What can we recycle?

Plastic Bags Awaiting Recycling!

Mixed and sorted plastics, (e.g. bottles, rigid plastics and loose plastic)  
All paper and Card
All film grades and Polythenesin
Aluminium and steel cans
Glass bottles and jars
Ton sand bags

Recycling Bins

After recycling the materials get passed on to a processing plant and then the finished product is passed directly to the manufacturing industry.

  • 240 Litres (holds up to 90 kgs).
  • 1100 litre flat lid (holds up to 450 kgs).
  • 13 yard containers (holds up to 1,250 kgs).

We also run a non confidential office paper scheme, in which we offer 120L, 240L and 1100L for all non confidential paper and cardboard and the bins are either serviced weekly, fortnightly or four weekly. For more information on this scheme please contact us.

13 Yard Container.

For more information or advice on recycling contact us on:-
Tel – 01229 813702
E-mail - info@pwconfidential.co.uk or john@pwconfidential.co.uk


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Scarth Road, Sowerby Woods Business Park, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria LA14 4RF

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