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Commercial information

Any details connected with the business, i.e. purchases, financial records, databases (client information).

Personnel information

Any details which may be held
by the company.

Internal information

Any details that pass between departments and/or individuals which wouldn’t be available to all employees.
All this information will need protecting from people within and outside the organization to prevent things such as identity fraud.

Our Destruction Process.
(B.O.A. Continette)

The Finished Product!

Who Needs It?

All businesses are now expected to comply with the Data Protection Act (DPA).  
The new Data Protection Act (October) 1998, states that businesses must comply with Principle 7 of the Act (surround your data with proper security) and that data controllers (you) must choose a data processor (destruction company) which can provide you with sufficient guarantees of security measures.
Companies who hold confidential waste are legally responsible for the data, right up to the moment it is destroyed, (proof of destruction may be requested).
  What We Offer

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On and off site document shredding with National Coverage.  
Scheduled, Contracted collections.
Containers, Secure confidential bins, locked Office console cabinets, Confidential sacks. All provided Free of Charge.
Any size or weight collected.
Certificate of Destruction issued.
Modern machines which shred up to 2 tonne per hour.
All shredded paper is recycled (100%)

Our Confidential Waste bins can be supplied in two sizes: 120 & 240 litres. Each bin is fitted with a locked lid and are fitted with a slot, and can be used to collect different types of confidential data requiring destruction, such as paper, CD’s and uniforms.

120 litres (50 – 70 kgs)
Dimensions – 930mm x 480mm x 555mm

240 Litres ( 70 – 90 kgs)
Dimensions – 1070mm x 580mm x 740mm

We can also offer 13 yard lockable confidential containers.

Confidential Waste Bins

Office confidential locked cabinets for the more modern office

Heavy duty security shredding sacks are supplied with security ties and can be folded or stored away before use and are ideal for smaller offices.

They are suitable for confidential data requiring destruction such as paper, CD’s and uniforms.
Capacity – up to 18 kgs

See recycling page for details on our non confidential office paper scheme.

J DUFFY LTD T/A PW Confidential Business Shredding Services
Scarth Road, Sowerby Woods Business Park, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria LA14 4RF

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